About the playful story

“Guardians of Hidden Universes” is a playful story for experiencing on your phone in the street. You’re a Guardian of Hidden Universes, and when you check your Communication Terminal you find the Guild has made a terrible mistake they need you to repair.

The experience lasts about 15-25 minutes, and takes you around whatever city you happen to be in. That’s right – you can play it in any city in the world!

The app was launched at Popup Playground‘s 2013 Fresh Air Festival – a new pervasive gaming festival in Melbourne, Australia.

This playful story is inspired by the idea of creating a locative-experience that is not site-specific. How can we have an experience than engages with the environment that also can work worldwide? The story is also playing with the idea of engaging with a character and a space and intuition within a short period of time.

The short and playful experience is a Universe Creation 101 production. It was conceived, written, and designed by Christy Dena; with artwork, coding, and interface design by Elroy.

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